According to an article in the Dallas-Morning News, health care reform is at the top of the new administration’s list of priorities. The article said:

The statistics explain part of the reason for the urgency:

  • The U.S. spent an estimated $2.4 trillion on health care in 2008, or $7,900 per person – about twice the average of other developed nations.
  • More than 45 million Americans lack health care coverage, and 25 million more are underinsured.

The expense of health insurance has left millions of Americans vulnerable to medical debt which is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy and often foreclosure . It is medical debt that often pushes our most responsible citizens up against a financial wall. When Americans are unable to afford health insurance is it is only a matter of time before an illness strikes forcing them to seek medical care and thus creating medical debt.

Even some Americans who have medical insurance are finding that their premiums can often become unaffordable after a serious illness. And some people with inadequate health insurance find themselves with medical debt when they discover that their insurance doesn’t cover certain medical procedures or services. Fortunately, medical debt can be discharged in bankruptcy. To find out about your bankruptcy options, please contact a Dallas- Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney today.