According to an article in the Star-Telegram, health insurance companies are offering to reduce rates for millions of women and accept close federal regulation of their industry in an effort to stop the move towards a universal healthcare plan.

The article said:

The industry is trying to head off creation of a government health plan that would compete with them to enroll middle-class workers and their families… Instead of a government plan as a check on their industry, insurers are offering to accept a series of consumer protections they contend would add up to a fairer marketplace and cut into the ranks of the 50 million uninsured.

Medical debt is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy. Many consumers who file bankruptcy are saddled with large amounts of medical debt caused by a total lack of health insurance or a lack of adequate health insurance. Bankruptcy has really been the ONLY relief for Americans who cannot afford healthcare and experience a hospitalization or illness.

Women have been hit especially hard by high health insurance premiums because over 5.7 million women must pay for their own health insurance and have no access to employer discount plans that are cheaper and prohibit discriminatory practices that charge women more for coverage than men especially during their childbearing years.

A universal healthcare plan and/or low-cost private health insurance may be beneficial to Americans especially those facing job losses and/or low wages; but until then, bankruptcy can help anyone who has accumulated medical debt. Contact a Dallas-Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney to find out how you can use bankruptcy to repay or discharge medical debt.