How many of us have been through wanting to take out a loan; but just were unable to translate the legalese to simple layman’s English? What eventually happens? We sign away on the dotted line without truly understanding what we are agreeing to. Well help is here for Texans. The Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner offers plain language loan contract modules to the public at

What plain language means…

“Plain language” contracts describe reader-focused text in contract that the average person can easily understand. Plain language contract replaces legalese with consumer-friendly words and phrases.

The Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner regulates non-depository lenders in Texas, such as motor vehicle sales financing companies, consumer loan companies, home equity and junior lien mortgage lenders, payday lenders, and signature loan companies. To reach the OCCC, call 800.538.1579 or send an e-mail to .

Consumers who sign plain language contracts are empowered to make informed decisions.