Help From from Bedside Angels

For any 18 year old, it is scary enough having to deal with their future responsibility of finances. You can only imagine how much more difficult it may be for someone turning 18 that has had an illness ever since childhood. Unfortunately, the burden of children accumulating medical debt is on the rise. Some children will even file for bankruptcy before ever driving their first car. Literally thousands of children have medical debt owing thousands upon thousands of dollars. Not only do these children need to deal with the physical and emotional strains of the illness or injury, but they are also victims of either minimum or no health insurance coverage for their life altering procedures.

Take a child who has suffered from a limb amputation, for example. Their bill will be around $40,000 and yet insurance will only cover around 10 percent of that if anything at all. Transplant surgeries also look about the same. They either are covered very minimally or not at all. Never mind all of the other expenses such as prescriptions, IV treatments, post hospital supplies, and so on.

It is because of this issue that an organization out of Atlanta called Bedside Angel wants to help in reducing the debts of these patients. Their goal is to give these children a fresh start so that they have an equal opportunity just like others. Relying on grants and donations, they officially launched in April of this year. Fundraisers, sponsors, involvement within the community, campaigns, and more, they have pledged to deserving children, a clean slate and an opportunity to be treated equally.

For a child’s medical debt there are some options out there if parents are not able to cover the costs. Getting assistance form Bedside Angels may be an option. To find out more visit