How Builders Compete Against ForeclosuresRon Betenbough’s company has been building homes in Texas for the last 20 years and has always been more than willing to compete by offering great prices. Now, however because of the number of foreclosures occurring, this has become difficult. He has now taken a new approach by creating construction that has features that save energy and that is overall, environmentally friendly.

He began promoting his homes as environmental friendly back in November of last year. His company didn’t have to raise prices and had absorbed the added costs on each of its units which cost less than $500 each. As we approach the sixth year in a row of the housing issue, companies such as Betenbough’s, as well as the giants, are using the green market to stay “alive” during these hard, competitive times. It is obvious that buyers have lots of options of homes that are low in price which of course includes those foreclosed homes.

Some of the features that Betenbough has added include things such as toilets with low-flow, windows that are energy efficient, roof trusses that are prefabricated, and more. These features save not only in money but in creating less waste as well.

Although it is great that construction companies are finding ways to keep their heads up in this terrible market, we mustn’t forget about those who are on the other end, those who are actually losing their homes and being foreclosed upon. There is no question that this market has impacted everyone from homeowners, to builders, to investors, to renters, and so on.

If you are facing a foreclosure , you should confide in a legal professional. You may not be aware of all your options in how to deal with the loss of your home but an attorney can go over this with you so that you can make an educated decision.

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