How to Get a Discount from My Doctor?Individuals with medical debt will get a lot of suggestions on how to deal with their bills but not a lot of information on how to actually get those discounts, leaving them to fend for themselves. While there are other ways to get medical discounts, turning to the source, your doctor, may be the best way to cut your medical bills.

The first step is to accept that you’ll probably have medical debt at some point in your life. If you are lucky enough to live long life, you’re going to run into a health problem. So begin your relationship with your primary healthcare provider with an open dialogue about medical debt. Ask them point blank if you’re doing all that you can to remain healthy and prevent future medical expenses. They will most likely give you some very valuable information about your health and ways to cut costs.

Start with your general healthcare provider, but don’t stop there, talk to your medical team and include your eye doctor, your dentist, your pharmacist and any other doctors you see regularly.

When you’re not healthy you’ve already established an open dialogue with your healthcare provider regarding your health concerns and your ability to pay. This will bolster your claims when you speak to the medical billing department and ask them for a discount on your services and a payment plan. Be bold and let them know you have had a medical bill concern for quite some time and that you’re looking for assistance. Never assume your medical bills are etched in stone, there is wiggle room and you can get a discount if you’re persistent and present your case well.

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