How To Make Your Bankruptcy Trustee HappyWhen it comes to bankruptcy, your bankruptcy trustee is more than an administrator of your case; he/she is the gatekeeper of your bankruptcy discharge and your road to a fresh financial start.  If you want to get your bankruptcy discharge, you need to make sure that you remain on the good side of your bankruptcy trustee.  But how exactly do you do that?  Below are a few tips on making your bankruptcy trustee happy:

  1. Cooperate with your bankruptcy trustee.  Not only is it a good idea but it is required by the law.  Failure to cooperate with your bankruptcy trustee could result in the dismissal of your bankruptcy case.
  2. Keep a record of your most recent tax returns so that the bankruptcy trustee can inspect them.  Don’t have your most recent tax returns available?  Get a copy because most likely the bankruptcy trustee may want to inspect the tax returns so that he/she can see proof of your financial condition.
  3. Keep record of your most recent pay stubs from your job.  Even if you are not working, make sure you keep track of any income you are receiving such as unemployment, disability, alimony or even child support.  Be ready to show the bankruptcy trustee proof of your income upon request. For those who are self-employed be able to provide a financial statement and/or bank statements for your business.
  4. If you are recently divorced, be prepared to provide the bankruptcy trustee with records that show how the marital assets were divided or liquidated.
  5. Have you sold property or transferred assets to another person or entity within a year before filing bankruptcy?  If so, the bankruptcy trustee may want to see the records for the transaction. Be prepared to present the bankruptcy trustee with this information.