How to Remove Negative Thoughts about Declaring BankruptcyEver wonder why you seem to have more trouble with money, no matter what steps you take to prevent it?  For instance, you’re on the brink of declaring bankruptcy, you’re always living paycheck to paycheck, and you just can’t seem to shake the feeling that you’ll always be in debt for the rest of your life.  In fact, you think that declaring bankruptcy is your punishment for being unable to manage money – and your credit score will suffer forever as a result.

Your problem is that you’re stuck in a cycle of negative thinking – and it’s influencing your attitude towards finally taking control and declaring bankruptcy.  If you always think that you’ll be stuck with bad credit and debt, or unable to save any money, then those thoughts can become a reality.

Here are a few exercises that you can do to help eliminate those negative mental roadblocks, end your dependency on debt and finally filling bankruptcy:

Start recording your thought process about money, debt and what it means to you to declare bankruptcy – 15 minutes should be more than enough time to spend on the writing portion of this exercise.  Have a knowledgeable friend or a personal finance expert provide you with a rational and powerful rebuttal of each negative thought that you write down.  Soon, you’ll realize just how distorted and negative your thoughts are, which are keeping you from declaring bankruptcy and finally wiping your financial slate clean.

Start understanding exactly why you want to get out of debt in the first place.  You need a bigger drive to end your dependency on maxed out credits and old ideas of struggling with debt.  You need to understand that without bankruptcy, you’re putting your finances at risk forever.  Attach emotional significance to a debt-free life instead of perceived faults, like stressing the importance of providing for your family over any momentary embarrassment you might experience by visiting a bankruptcy lawyer.  Emotional significance and desire will lend more power to that desire to get out of debt, so you can finally make an appointment with that bankruptcy attorney.

In the end, you can only end your dependency on debt and eliminate your negative thoughts about bankruptcy if you actively define success and prosperity.  The ability to wipe out debts and start over again isn’t handed out to those who simply sit around waiting for it; instead, it’s given to those who take control of their financial future.