There is no better time to start a new budget plan than right now. Because
it is only February, you have 10 more months to get your finances back
on track, so you and your family can live a comfortable life and look
forward to a promising future. Saving money may be easier than you think.

To help, our Dallas bankruptcy lawyers at Allmand Law Firm, PLLC have listed
a few steps to help you save money throughout the rest of the year:

1. Keep a Record of Everything You Purchase

Most people do not realize how much money they actually spend on a day-to-day
basis. Little purchases, such as morning trips to the local coffee shops,
meals during lunch breaks, trips to the grocery store, and other things
can add up quickly. For this reason, it is wise to keep a written record
of everything you purchase over the course of a month. This will allow
you to see how much you really spend on various items.

2. Create a Budget

After reflecting on your record of purchases, you can determine which items
are necessities and which purchases are luxuries. Next, determine what
luxury items you should limit. Keep in mind that limiting your purchases
of luxury items does not mean you can never buy them again. Instead, you
can fit these luxury items into your short-term and long-term goals, which
are described in Step 3.

3. Make Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

After you have created a record and a new budget, you should have more
money to set aside in a savings account. These funds can be used to fulfill
your short-term and long-term goals. A short-term goal can be: “I
will refrain from purchasing coffee at local coffee shops for a month.
In return, I will buy myself a better coffee maker so that I can continue
brewing my own coffee.” A long-term goal may be: “I will continue
setting aside $200 a month, and in five years, will have enough money
to place a down-payment on a newer car.” Long-term and short-term
goals will fuel your desire to save money since there will be a reward
in the future.

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