Forgot to Add a Creditor When You Filed Bankruptcy?
Filing bankruptcy can be extremely hectic and many debtors make mistakes with their filing. One of the most common bankruptcy mistakes is forgetting to list a creditor on the bankruptcy filing. Let’s take a look at what happens when you forget to list a creditor on your bankruptcy filing:
If your bankruptcy has NOT already been discharged and is still pending, your bankruptcy attorney can amend the filing to add an “unsecured” creditor. This is fairly simply and should not result in any serious problems.
If your bankruptcy has already been discharged and it was a no asset bankruptcy, it shouldn’t create a problem for you. But check with your bankruptcy attorney to double check, because each bankruptcy case is different. However, if you had assets and failed to list a creditor in the bankruptcy, that creditor would have the right to file a complaint with the bankruptcy court because of your failure to list them and give them the opportunity to receive compensation from the liquidation of your assets. The repercussions could include losing your bankruptcy discharge.
To avoid problems with your bankruptcy case, please take the time and energy to carefully and accurately list all of your creditors when you first file. Failing to do so could cause you to lose your discharge and cost you additional money, time, energy and stress.