According to the Star Telegram and the Texas Workforce Commission, unemployment claims paid through TWC have more than doubled since 2008. The increase in the number of filings is adding even more pressure to the already stressed TWC. According to the article, the TWC has lost federal funding for workers over the last few years. Despite the losses, they are working as quickly as possible to respond to the higher volume of applicants with more workers and more phone lines. However, hiring isn’t the only concern. Ann Hatchitt, spokesperson for TWC, notes that “New staff members must be trained to give claimants correct information and file the claims properly.” They are encouraging new workers to take the time to get claimants questions answered, emphasizing quality over speed, to reduce the number of call backs.

The need for more staff members is expected to increase, so TWC plans to open a new call center in August with 200 employees. They are also leveraging technology through their web site,, and encouraging more people to utilize the online filing system. The number of online claims has increased about twenty percent.

Our current economic situation is frustrating for everyone. One claimant in the article reflected on the difficulty of TWC to handle the volume, “I don’t think it’s any person’s fault-they’re flooded. It’s just a sign of the times we are in.”

Support organizations, like TWC, are doing what they can to help those that need assistance. They are continuing to add layers of support as the need for more services increases. In our current economic climate, ordinary front-line consumers will continue to feel the pressures of higher prices and distressed job markets. Most people will do what they can to pay their debt obligations and provide for the basic needs of their families. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s just not enough. Before you loose everything you owe to foreclosure or repossession , consider getting a consultation with a qualified Dallas bankruptcy attorney . Most debts will be dischargeable during bankruptcy. Some debts like tax claims are not generally dischargeable in bankruptcy. However, a qualified bankruptcy attorney can work you through the process to arrange for repayment of the debt. The bottom line is that asking questions and getting information is the first step in your personal financial recovery.