If you’re considering bankruptcy there are some documents that you need give your bankruptcy attorney so that your case can be processed easily and quickly.

Proof of Income. If you’re employed, you need to provide the last six months of income prior to your bankruptcy filing. So, if you file bankruptcy in June 2009, you would need to provide pay stubs from December to May. If you’re self-employed you need to provide some other type of proof such as invoices or bank statements that show your income for the prior six months before your bankruptcy filing.
A list of creditors. This can easily be obtained by getting your credit report. The credit agencies are required to provide you one free credit report a year. Visit www.annualcreditreport.com to order your free credit report.
Provide the paperwork for any secured creditors such as your mortgage lender or car lender.
Provide a copy of any lawsuits or judgments against you.
Provide the tax returns for the past year. Your bankruptcy attorney may request tax returns for the past three years, so be prepared.
Provide a copy of your routine bills, such as gas, electric, telephone and estimates of your monthly spending for groceries and other daily expenses.