Is Your Bankruptcy Attorney Ripping You Off?

Are you getting what you paid for when you decided to file bankruptcy? Don’t look now, but your bankruptcy attorney may be robbing you blind. When it comes to filing for bankruptcy, too many of us look at them like a visit to the dentist: it’s painful and complicated – but sometimes a very necessary part of life.  We grimly choose the bankruptcy lawyers that offer us the best deal and sigh in resignation as the bankruptcy proceedings finally begin.

We may not like how expensive or complicated filing for bankruptcy can be, but there’s no way to get around it. However, if you have the right bankruptcy attorney on your side you should feel comfortable with the cost and the process. Unfortunately, it’s safe to say that some bankruptcy petitioners tend to hire a bad bankruptcy attorney simply because they don’t know how to spot key warning signs. Want to know if your own bankruptcy attorney is laughing their way to the bank?

Here are the three signs your bankruptcy attorney might be ripping you off:

  1. Your fees are constantly changing. If your bankruptcy attorney fees are making you feel like you’re on a roller coaster ride, then listen up: this is one of the biggest signs that your lawyer is ripping you off.  Some attorneys love to find even the tiniest excuse to start charging you more for your bankruptcy petition – and this can really wreak havoc on your finances.
  2. You’re not working with the lawyer. Bankruptcy attorneys are undeniably busy people – however, that doesn’t give them the right to pass off your case to a legal secretary, especially if you paid to be represented by the attorney.  Be sure to ask who will be working on your bankruptcy case; if you don’t get a satisfactory answer, take your money and run.
  3. Your bankruptcy lawyer only has negative reviews. No matter how incredible that deal was that your bankruptcy attorney offered to you, never work with a lawyer who only has negative online reviews.  These are from third-party sites, which are far more trustworthy than anything you’ll find on the bankruptcy lawyer’s website.

Don’t let your bankruptcy attorney pull the wool over your eyes with hidden fees and such.  Besides, filing for bankruptcy doesn’t mean that you should put up with shoddy service and less-than-stellar financial advice.  You deserve the best legal representation possible.