According to an article in the Star-Telegram, an estimated 80 percent of low-income Americans seeking help at Legal Aid centers nationwide are turned away. The large percentage is mostly caused by more Americans facing job losses , foreclosure and bankruptcy and needing legal assistance.

The article said:

“The crush of new clients comes as the cash-strapped agencies cut staff and services. The nonprofit Legal Services Corp., which funds more than 900 legal-aid offices nationwide, says that the number of people who qualify for assistance has jumped by about 11 million since 2007, because of the recession. Roughly 51 million people are now eligible for assistance – individuals and families who earn less than 125 percent of the federal poverty level, now set at $27,564 a year for a family of four.”

Many Americans facing foreclosure , eviction and even bankruptcy are often turning to Legal Aid centers for help; but assistance may not be available because of the overload. For those Americans considering bankruptcy, many hesitate because of fees they may not be able to afford especially if they’ve experienced a recent job loss.

Fortunately, many bankruptcy attorneys offer payment plans for debtors struggling financially. Before making the decision to forgo bankruptcy due to financial restraints, speak with a Dallas-Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney about payment options that may be available.