Management behind

Day Jams Camp announced on its website that it plans to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. In what may be seen as an abrupt move by the management company behind the camp, this may be seen as a surprise to many parents who had their children enrolled to participate this summer. The camp has 15 locations across the country including 2 in Texas, and the camp was set to open a new location upon closing their doors.

The camp was supposed to open a new location in Newton, MA but abruptly closed their doors with little notice. Management behind National Music Workshop, LLC who does business as “Day Jams” claims the filing is due to recent economic issues. The company website claims to have ceased operations at all day camps and all sessions are cancelled.

The company also claims rising operation costs and a decrease in student enrollment  led to the filing. The company claims of facing ongoing operating losses, while making multiple attempts to merge with another business. They were also obtaining funds from a private investor to help with operations. Those affiliated with services from the company may receive a correspondence from the bankruptcy court that details information about the filing.  Management for Day Jams claims people may contact the designated trustee who will be responsible for liquidation of company assets.

Day Jams is a day camp that features musical activities for children ages 8 thru 15. Kids join musical bands, create their own songs and do live presentations for their peers. It is unclear if refunds will be issued to parents who signed up for sessions that have been cancelled.

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