This is another case of waiting until the last moment to file a bankruptcy which was inevitable. Many debtors who get sued by their creditors, never respond to the summons, receive a default judgment and within a few days, weeks or even months, their bank account is emptied or their wages are garnished. That’s when they come to file bankruptcy and want to know if they can get their money back. Well, the answer to that particular bankruptcy question is maybe yes; but it’s going to take a little time.

If your bank account or wages are garnished and you file for bankruptcy within 90 days, you might be able to get that money back within 3 months; but only if the money is considered exempt under bankruptcy law. For example, social security payments or child support payments are just a few types of income that are exempt from seizure by creditors in a bankruptcy.

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy and are currently experiencing wage or bank account garnishments, do not delay. There is a small window of opportunity to act and possibly retrieve money taken by creditors through wage garnishments .

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