Foreclosure Help

According to an article in the Star-Telegram, a Florida appeals court chastised a judge for granting extensions in a foreclosure case for compassionate reasons.

The article said:

“The Third District Court of Appeal ruled last week that Circuit Judge Valerie Manno Schurr could not grant extensions solely on grounds of benevolence or compassion. Schurr had given a Miami couple an extra month to sell their house. The judge said in court she understands times are bad and that she hates to see anyone lose a home. The appeals judges ruled that the law doesn’t allow compassion or benevolence alone to be used as the basis for such a decision. The court said the continuance was an abuse of judicial discretion and the one-month delay should not have been granted.”

What?! Certainly granting a homeowner facing foreclosure another month to sell their home is not harming the mortgage companies.  Mind you, these are the same mortgage companies who so mercilessly issued toxic mortgages to millions of Americans and who are the root cause of the current foreclosure crisis. Give us a break! Judge Schurr was doing her job and certainly did not abuse her position of power; if anything she used it to help a homeowner in need.  It is the mortgage companies who have abused their positions of power by playing a decisive hand in this foreclosure crisis.