If you are not a citizen of the United States, you CAN still file bankruptcy. You do not need to be an American citizen to enjoy the benefits of bankruptcy.But there are some stipulations for filing bankruptcy if you are not a citizen of this country:

To file bankruptcy as a non-citizen you still need to establish residency in the state where you plan to file bankruptcy for “non-property” related cases. That means you need to live in the state for the greater part of 180 days or three months.
If you own property in the state where you want to file bankruptcy and it will be included in the bankruptcy case, you can file bankruptcy without actually physically living in the state for the greater part of 180 days. You can speak to a bankruptcy attorney about the legal details of this arrangement.
You also need to prove your identity to file bankruptcy case. You can use a social security card or an Individual Tax Number to prove your identity. Social security cards can be issued for “non-work” reasons. Never use a fake social security card to file bankruptcy.
To find out more about filing bankruptcy as a non-citizen, please contact a Dallas- Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney today.