In December 2008, the number of Texans on food stamps jumped by 30.9 percent the biggest increase in the nation, placing Texas as the state with the fastest growing number of people receiving food stamps in the nation. That’s a huge number of Texans falling on hard times.

And as the number of job losses and bankruptcies increase the number of Texans on food stamps and other government assistance programs will only rise. Right now, it is time for all of us in Texas and around the country to take a good look at the writing on the wall.

The economy is going through a major contraction, some say it’s a recession, while others claim it’s a depression; but whatever you want to call it the number of job losses, bankruptcies and foreclosures are sinking ordinary hardworking Americans deeper into the financial abyss.

We are not prepared financially. We’re just not prepared. We receive the job loss notice, the foreclosure notice and the creditors cut our lines of credit and we find ourselves with no savings and no financial lifeline to save us from sinking financially.

This is why we all need to look at our financial options, especially bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is currently the only tool that can stop our creditors from seizing our assets when we fall on hard times. Bankruptcy gives us a fresh start financially when we have run out of options.

Don’t wait like so many others have until it is too late and you have already lost most of your assets. If you are struggling to pay debts and especially your mortgage contact a Dallas- Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney today to find out how bankruptcy can help you.