Octomom Bankruptcy Tossed after Failing to Complete PetitionNadya “Octomom” Suleman filed a bankruptcy claim that recently was tossed by the court  for failing to complete and file proper paperwork.  Filing completed paperwork on time provides proof that a debtor is unable to pay their outstanding debt.  In this case, since Suleman failed to provide complete documentation, creditors may move forward with their collection proceedings, which include a pending foreclosure of her California home where she resides with her 14 children.

The Washington Post reports that Suleman failed to provide financial documentation related to her situation.  These documents are required in order for the petition to proceed through the court.  When Suleman filed in late April, she claimed she was unable to pay up to $1 million in outstanding debt.   During her initial filing she attempted to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy which wipes out or discharges qualifying debt.  The next step may include a court-appointed trustee liquidating her assets in order to satisfy creditors, even though a signed document that was submitted by the court claims she may not have assets available to put toward the debt.

Suleman’s initial filing included a list of over 20 creditors which includes a Christian school, her father and unpaid utilities.  As far as not completing the petition, the Orange County Register reports that when she originally filed her claim she was given a deadline by the bankruptcy court to submit required documentation by Monday, May 14th.  The deadline has come and gone with court records showing no contact from the mom of 14 kids.  Suleman became famous in January 2009 after giving birth to eight babies.  They were conceived using fertility treatment while she already had six children.  She doesn’t have steady employment but reports claim she has been posing topless for photos.

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