Nadya Suleman, the infamous “Octomom” is facing a possible foreclosure for failing to pay her owner financed mortgage. The two-story, four-bedroom, three-bath cul-de-sac residence in La Habra, CA which was home for Suleman and her 14 children is at the center of this dispute. She bought the house in March 2009 from seller Amer Haddadin, who transferred title to Suleman’s father. In return, she and her dad were required to make $4,139 monthly payments for a year. This past March 10, a $450,000 balloon payment was due. Haddadin agreed to not charge the family any interest until March 10, when a lump sum of $450,000 was due. But Haddalen says that the Octomom and her father have failed to pay the final $4,139, let alone the $450,000 owed on the property. He has promised to not allow Suleman’s failure to pay her mortgage go unchallenged. Haddalen plans to take his dispute to the courts. Suleman’s possible foreclosure comes as a surprise to many who thought she was earning more than enough cash as a celebrity who recently filmed a TV documentary on her life and that of her large family. However, this type of financial trouble is not surprising especially for individuals who suddenly have access to large amounts of cash. While it is not completely clear how many assets Suleman has, her brush with celebrity status has left her with more access to cash than before and more access to ways to blunder that newfound wealth. And her foreclosure is may be a sign that she has blown through this sudden influx of cash and may have other debt problems. Could we see a bankruptcy filing in Octomom’s future?