One of the best ways to learn more about your options when considering filing
bankruptcy is to do your homework by researching what is available. You can also
discuss your situation with a qualified bankruptcy attorney that can provide
further insight to help you make an informed decision. Even though you
may feel as if you cannot afford to pay an attorney, there are a few options
to consider that may help you get your case filed sooner than you think.

  • Negotiate a payment arrangement or reduced fee. There are attorneys willing to work with debtors on how to make filing
    fees more affordable. You may be able to make payments before your case
    is filed or during proceedings. In some cases this is considered having
    an attorney on retainer if your case is not yet filed, which can be helpful
    for those with harassing creditors.
  • Consider having fees included in your Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plan. In some cases this may qualify to be included in your final repayment
    plan based on your income. This allows you to stretch out payments overtime.
  • Filing “pro se” or representing yourself. This option is often not recommended as the bankruptcy code is highly
    complex for someone who is not familiar with how the system works. This
    requires a considerable amount of study, research and familiarity with
    forms, regulations, and so forth. A large number of debtors who file on
    their own end up running into trouble when trying to discharge debts if
    paperwork is not completed correctly or assets go unreported.
  • Legal assistance or aid through specialize societies or clinics. You can review legal clinics in your area to learn of recommendations
    regarding how to hand legal issues and where to go for help. In various
    cases this help is free.
  • Pro bono attorneys that may take your case for free. You can research legal representatives that may help you file bankruptcy
    for free or a reduced fee.


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