According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, insurance companies are providing more than just insurance coverage during a medical crisis.  The article explains:  “Different from disease-management programs, which focus on patients with a chronic condition such as asthma or diabetes, the case-management services are for patients with costly and complex medical conditions such as cancer or an organ transplant. These managers — typically nurses — help patients with everything from avoiding duplicated tests to finding the best-priced prescriptions and other services.”  Richard Migliori, executive vice president, Medical Affairs, UnitedHealthGroup, explains the need for case managers in that, “Patients are not only overwhelmed by their personal health challenges and fate, but the challenges of the [health care] system.”  When you are experiencing a medical crisis, you want people who are qualified to help you through it. A case manager can help coordinate medical care, equipment needs, and prescriptions.  It makes sense to have a case manager that understands your medical situation, the systems involved in your care, and the financial aspect of your crisis.

In the same respect, when you are overwhelmed by a financial crisis, a good bankruptcy attorney will provide the same type of service.  You don’t have to be antagonized by a bill collector.  You don’t have to dread the trip to the post office hoping to find junk mail instead of a certified letter from your mortgage company.  When you hire a bankruptcy attorney, they become your debt crisis case manager and advocate.  They deal with the debt collectors and the mortgage company.    When looking for a bankruptcy attorney, look for more than someone who is willing to take a filing fee and file a petition.  Bankruptcy is an incredibly personal decision.  Your debt crisis is affecting your life.  Find someone that will talk to you about the process and will take the time to explain what is going to happen.  You wouldn’t rush into surgery without a good explanation from your doctor.  Expect the same from a good bankruptcy attorney.  Additionally, find an attorney that is qualified in bankruptcy in the area where you will be filing.  Every bankruptcy court is governed by the same set of general rules, but each jurisdiction has its own set of participants and local rules.  An attorney that practices in your area will be a better advocate because they are already experienced with that system.  You don’t have to be overwhelmed by your situation or the system that is supposed to help you.  Look for a qualified bankruptcy attorney in your area.

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