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Video Transcription: Question Can I Speak Directly to a Bankruptcy Attorney? Answer When you retain our office you are retaining our entire team of bankruptcy attorneys. We have about 8-9 bankruptcy attorneys that are all working on your file as well as some very qualified paralegals. If at any point you feel like it’s an issue that you want to take up directly with your attorney we will be happy to schedule you an appointment to come into our office and get direct one-on-one advice. However we do have people that are available and experienced to give you administrative answers to questions when they come up, on a very timely basis. We suggest taking advantage of your entire team of people at our law firm that are helping you, and if you do feel like it’s something that you have to speak directly with your attorney about we will be happy to arrange that. If you have any more questions regarding bankruptcy, feel free to call Allmand Law Firm PLLC.