Delays in Your Bankruptcy Case

Bankruptcy attorneys work diligently to represent their client to obtain the best outcome possible.  In most situations it doesn’t take long for your bankruptcy case to be completed.  A debtor may notice a certain amount of time has passed since they started the filing process, wonder why it is taking so long and want an update on the status of their case. Yet, there are factors that could be causing a delay in processing of bankruptcy documents.

One factor may include assets of the debtor.  While bankruptcy offers a number of exemptions to help protect a wide range of assets, it is possible other legal avenues are being explored to offer additional protection.  This could also be the case if the debtor obtains a new asset after the case has been filed.

If you have filed bankruptcy in the past this could cause a delay in your current proceedings. Sometimes a debtor may need to file bankruptcy again but if enough time has not passed between the last filing and your current one, your attorney may postpone filing your new case.  For instance, you can file Chapter 7 bankruptcy once every 8 years and obtain a discharge on eligible debt.

If you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy your income could be the issue causing the filing delay.  Chapter 7 filers are subject to income guidelines set by the state. If your income is too high you may not be able to file the chapter. But, in some cases an attorney may wait to file your case if your income is set to change or decrease due to changes at work.

The bankruptcy attorney may not have all necessary documentation needed to complete the filing.  It is important for debtors to maintain contact with their attorney. This may help in reducing delays and the debtor can confirm their attorney has the information needed to complete the filing.