Marriage Trouble and Bankruptcy

Even under the best of circumstances, things happen that can strain the best of marriages.  The recession hasn’t helped the strain.   Most news reports focus on debt relief as some type of numbers game…what you have to do to get out of debt and a bottom line analysis of your personal budget.  But keep in mind, that a high debt burden has a deeper consequence that just a bouncing checkbook.  It stresses spouses to the brink.  According to many non-profit groups, the recession has significantly aggravated the stress of marriages in the Dallas – Fort Worth area.  The stress associated with debt has pushed many spouses to irrational, even violent behavior.  Lou Ann Pressler, director of Open Arms (a domestic violence family shelter), a nearly 30% increase in domestic violence has many shelters operating at capacity.  For the first time, persons in need of transitional housing are being placed on waiting lists before they can receive assistance.

Don’t let this be you.  No one likes debt.  Spouses never enjoy struggling through another budgeting session of overdraft fees.  Instead of letting your debt control your life and stress you into significantly worse decisions that could permanently affect your marriage, talk to a bankruptcy attorney about how to get control of your debt.  You and your spouse can meet with the bankruptcy attorney together to review what your debt issues are and the best type of bankruptcy for your situation.  A good bankruptcy attorney can also help you decide whether you should both file for bankruptcy.  Even though both spouses may participate in a bankruptcy filing, both are not required.  From there, the attorney can then help you make a list of the information that you will need and work you through the filing process so that you can get real relief from your debt issues.

Bankruptcy is not an absolute cure for marital stress.  However, it is one of the best cures for debt stress.  When multiple issues are bombarding your marriage, sometimes you just need a new plan which includes simply tackling one issue at a time. Getting through the debt stress will then allow you to focus on the other issues in your marriage and start rebuilding together.  Bankruptcy protection not only protects your home from foreclosure, it can also protect your marriage from a financial melt down.  Contact a bankruptcy attorney in your area today for more information.