Reviewing Your Options Before Filing Bankruptcy

The bankruptcy process for many may actually begin long before you actually have paperwork filed with the court.  Deciding whether or not to file should be reviewed beforehand and it may include talking to several professionals about your financial situation.  Not only will you be reviewing your situation, you’ll also be able to collect useful information that will help you determine the best solution. Knowledgeable sources to consider reviewing your situation with may include an accountant, credit counselor, or a bankruptcy attorney.

There are several credit counseling organizations that offer a variety of services free or at an affordable cost.  Working with a credit counselor may help you decide if you have enough income to set a budget to help you pay down debt.

A bankruptcy attorney can give you information on what to expect during the filing process.  A legal representative can review your situation and discuss what debts can be included in the filing.  Many attorneys offer free consultations which is good opportunity for debtors to ask questions about their personal situation.

After reviewing your situation with a bankruptcy attorney you may decide to begin the filing process, seek another alternative to bankruptcy or decide to file sometime in the future. If you do decide to file bankruptcy, new laws require you to participate in a credit counseling program so glean as much knowledge as you can from the course.