Save Money by Keeping a Healthcare NotebookVery few people read all of the information they’re provided when they sign up for health insurance, and this could be costing you money. If you sit down and actually go through your health care information you will learn what providers you can see, when you can get coverage for certain procedures, how much coverage they’ll provide, what amounts are going to be yours and what you’ll share with the insurance company. And most importantly, you’ll learn the proper procedure for seeking emergency care when you’re not facing an emergency.

Whether you have a new insurance policy or you have an old one that you haven’t really explored, it’s time to sit down and take charge of your health insurance, unfortunately you’ll have to do it by their rules. One of the best things you can do is create a little healthcare notebook for yourself. Cross reference the doctors you see against the doctors they cover and keep a list of the ones that are on both lists, begin replacing the ones they don’t cover with ones they will. If there are specific instructions for what to do in an emergency (some require you call for approval within a specific time period) then write down these instructions. Note any other specific requirements they have in the notebook as well.

Having a healthcare notebook serves a number of functions that can save you money and hassle in the long run. First of all, just writing down the information reinforces it in your brain and you may not need to refer to the notebook because you just know the information offhand. Secondly, it’s available for everyone in the family and even outsiders (i.e. babysitters) to check with if they need the information. And thirdly, it keeps all of your healthcare information in one place for easy access and quick referral.

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