Right now just about everyone is under financial pressure, so it didn’t surprise me when I saw an article in the Dallas Morning News about being creative when you fall on financially hard times and have no savings. But what did surprise me was that one of the debtors interviewed said she actually sold her blood to repay creditors.The article said:
“I have sold almost everything I own,” said Nelson, who still lives with her parents. “I have been cleaning houses, I’ve been having garage sales, doing a lot of selling clothes to consignment stores. I even have gotten to the point where I have sold my own blood.”
DO NOT sell your blood to repay creditors. Facing a job loss, foreclosure or even bankruptcy can be very scary; but you should not feel compelled to sell your blood, kidneys or any other body part to repay your debts. If you are at the point where you are standing in line to sell your blood to pay creditors, you need to seriously consider bankruptcy. You are not required to sell your blood or totally liquidate your assets to repay creditors. Bankruptcy was designed to protect debtors who have become overwhelmed with debt. Bankruptcy was also designed to protect the assets (within reason) of the debtor who is facing unrelenting debt. If you have faced a job loss or medical emergency and are unable to pay your debts speak with a bankruptcy attorney about your bankruptcy options.