When you find yourself overwhelmed with debt and you decide enough is enough,
you are ready to file for
bankruptcy. There are a number of bankruptcy lawyers who are qualified to help you
get the relief you are seeking. But, of course then comes the important
task of choosing who you want to establish a working relationship with.
Sometimes getting a referral from friends and family can be a good start,
but you may prefer an online search if you feel awkward about asking someone you know.

Either way, the decision to file is an important step and the right representation
can provide you with useful advice while increasing your chance of obtaining
a favorable outcome.

The following tips may help you point out a potential attorney best to
serve you:

  • The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys can help you
    search for representation in your area through their online search option.
    Attorneys’ listed are members of this organization and you may find
    other useful legal advice in regards to making a good selection. Your
    state bar association may also have details on qualified attorneys’.
  • Take time to meet with a few lawyers before making your final selection.
    Look for signs of professionalism and learn about their history. Many
    practices have websites that allow you to view their services in more detail.
  • During the consultation they should provide additional insight aside from
    bankruptcy. While it is helpful to discuss this option, an ethical bankruptcy
    attorney will discuss what may help remedy your situation to your benefit.
  • The attorney should show understanding of your situation. They should also
    show compassion about what they do since some people find filing embarrassing
    or difficult. Have questions readily available to ask about the process
    including associated fees.