Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is proposing that mortgage loan servicers be required to give homeowners 45 days to fix a loan default before the home is put up for foreclosure auction. Currently the law only gives homeowners facing foreclosure 20 days to fix a loan default.

But if Attorney Abbott’s proposal is approved, mortgage lenders would have to prove that they made legitimate attempts via phone or in person to contact the homeowner before filing for foreclosure. The proposal would also give homeowners 30 days to vacate the foreclosed property.

Attorney Abbott’s proposal is the kind of aggressive action needed to tackle the foreclosure crisis. Homeowners need to be given enough time to find remedies to their foreclosure. Twenty days is not enough time for a homeowner facing foreclosure to find solutions to their foreclosure problem. Programs designed to stop foreclosure , such as Hope For Homeowners takes time to apply to and wait for approval. A 45 day waiting period is not too much to ask of mortgage lenders.