Well over a million Americans have filed bankruptcy this year and many experts expect that number to increase in 2010. Many Americans who are struggling with debt woes, facing foreclosure and other financial issues delay bankruptcy. Too many of them turn to questionable debt settlement firms who charge the exorbitant fees while failing to deliver on their promises.
The truth about debt settlement is…

Debt settlement firms claim to have the power to negotiate your debt balance; but the truth is that they have no legal authority to force creditors to settlement legitimate debt.
Debt settlement firms claim to offer low fees; but many debtors end up paying more money in fees than they expected and still are not able to complete repayment to creditors. Many of them eventually file bankruptcy.
Debt settlement firms claim that they can stop the calls and harassing letters of creditors. The truth is that your creditors have a legal right to contact you regarding debts owed until YOU tell them in writing not to contact you. And even then they can still continue to hound you via letter and the courts for payment.
Many creditors refuse to deal with debt settlement firms and they have legal right to do so. Only bankruptcy can force creditors to come to the negotiating table and legally stop them from filing a lawsuit, garnishing your wages or attempting to collect the debt in some other way. Debt settlement firms have absolutely no legal authority or power to stop creditors from suing you and garnishing you wages after winning a judgment.

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