Three Characteristics Of A Great Bankruptcy Attorney

Whether you’re filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy finding a good bankruptcy attorney is essential if you want to maximize the benefits that bankruptcy offers.

Below are a few of the most important characteristics of a great bankruptcy attorney:

  1. The bankruptcy attorney understands the CURRENT bankruptcy laws. While it may seem obvious, knowledge of the most current bankruptcy laws and cases is not necessarily a given.  Some people practicing as bankruptcy attorneys may not have as much experience as others or they may not have worked in the field of bankruptcy in many years.  That’s why when you’re searching for a bankruptcy attorney you must make sure they are active and experienced, working in today’s bankruptcy system.
  2. The bankruptcy attorney asks important questions which could uncover potential problems in your case.  Trouble areas in a bankruptcy case are a definite possibility especially for debtors who have a lot of assets and liabilities.  A great bankruptcy attorney will take the time to question the debtor about their assets and pre-bankruptcy activity to make sure that they won’t run into any problems once the bankruptcy case begins.
  3. The bankruptcy attorney works with the debtor to maximize all of their exemptions.  Exemptions are the lifeblood of every personal bankruptcy case.  It is the bankruptcy exemptions which will protect your assets from seizure.  It is also these bankruptcy exemptions which will enable you to start with a solid financial foundation after you exit bankruptcy.  A good bankruptcy attorney will make sure that those exemptions are put to the best use in your bankruptcy case.