Let’s clear the air about something, bankruptcy IS NOT a “gut wrenching” experience that destroys your life and leaves you awake at night. I’ve heard this ridiculous notion bandied about by the very people who have benefited from bankruptcy in their life. They file bankruptcy, reap the benefits, then turn around and tell others not to file bankruptcy because it will destroy THEIR life. When you ask them how bankruptcy destroyed their life, they’re mute-you can hear crickets. Let’s get to the bottom of the truth:Misconception #1 – Bankruptcy will destroy your job (current and/or future).
I can barely contain my laughter. While some employers do a credit check and ask you if you have ever filed bankruptcy, they cannot legally deny you a job because you filed for bankruptcy. Not only that, sometimes the business that you’re applying with or working with has also filed bankruptcy in the past. Most people understand that bankruptcy may be necessary to recover from a crisis or financial setback. There is little to no stigma attached to filing bankruptcy. Also, it is illegal to fire an employee because he/she filed bankruptcy.
Misconception #2 – If you file bankruptcy your wife/husband/partner/best friend will turn their backs on you and head for the hills.
Most of the time marriages are in jeopardy because of money issues BEFORE bankruptcy. Creditors harassing and threatening the members of a household can be disruptive. But once you file bankruptcy, creditors can no longer contact you or pursue you for payment. The automatic stay used in bankruptcy stops creditors in their tracks, giving you a break from their calls and letters. This act alone can usually help alleviate debt-related stress in a marriage.
Misconception #3 – Filing bankruptcy will rob you of your peace of mind.
It is not bankruptcy that robs you of peace of mind; it is the constant harassment of creditors seeking payment that can keep you awake at night. Wage garnishments , lawsuits and collection agents all rob debtors of peace of mind. Bankruptcy can restore your peace of mind and help you get back on track with a fresh start financially.