When a debtor has come to the point of considering bankruptcy he/she is usually stressed because of pressing financial issues; foreclosure, lawsuits, wage garnishments , you name it. The last thing a debtor needs is an inexperienced bankruptcy attorney making matters worse.To help debtors choose the right bankruptcy attorney for their situation, here a few questions a debtor may want to ask when search for a bankruptcy attorney to represent them:
1. Do you think bankruptcy is right for me? The best bankruptcy attorneys take the time to analyze each individual’s financial situation to determine if bankruptcy or some other option is the best choice for their situation. Good bankruptcy attorneys will make a client aware of all of their options including their bankruptcy options.
2. How many people have you helped successfully file bankruptcy? Although there are some very passionate but inexperienced bankruptcy attorneys out there, you probably don’t want to be their test bankruptcy case. When searching for a bankruptcy attorney, experience is a requirement. You also want someone with recent bankruptcy experience, who is aware of the new rules etc. Usually attorneys who only handle bankruptcy cases are the best choice.
3. Which type of bankruptcy is best for my financial situation? A good bankruptcy attorney will be able to explain in simple terms the pros and cons of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy . He/she will also take the time to review your situation to determine which type of bankruptcy is best for you.