One of the most common reasons why people file bankruptcy is to
stop harassment from debt collectors . Debtors who file for protection should be aware
of their rights and how to protect them. With a large number of people
struggling during these hard economic times, debt collectors will do whatever
it takes to collect payment.

Households around the country have enough pressure to deal with including
rising gas prices, higher food costs, and trying to keep up in affording
other necessities. It becomes more of a challenge to make payments on
bills such as credit cards,
medical expenses, and other household financial obligations. Enough stress and pressure
can lead to bankruptcy, but this can be a good thing in helping you get
back on track.

Even if you have tried to negotiate a payment with no success, they’ll
call you at home or work, send threatening collection letters and you
have come to a point where you are tired of it and have ignored them.
One aspect includes debtors understanding their rights when it comes to
debt collectors; even if they do not break a law, there are boundaries
they may cross that can still have debtors feeling uncomfortable or harassed.

Debt collectors have been known to use unfair tactics they think they can
get away with using on debtors. When you are educated on what they can
and cannot do, you may be able to report them. The Fair Debt Collections
Practices Act offers pertinent information debtors should know about harassment
from debt collectors. You can also contact your Fort Worth or Dallas bankruptcy
attorney to obtain legal advice on handling debt collectors.


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