Unemployment on American YouthA new AP poll has been conducted on the American youth who suffer from being unemployed and finding it very hard to get a new job. It is found out that in 18 to 24 year old high school graduates, around 40 percent of them have a stable job right now but 75 percent of them are still worried on the stability of their jobs. In March 2007 before the recession period, it is noted that the unemployment rate for high school graduates under 24 years old is around 10 percent. On the other hand, there is only an 8.5 percent of unemployment for college graduates.

The National Review, Economist, and other publications had a thought on these current surveys, that somehow higher education has been highly priced in America. Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal, disagreed to a costly higher education programs, which is not reasonable for everyone, and started to persuade smart college students to drop out and establish their own businesses instead.

Thiel is not the first to voice out this problem on pricey college tuition fees. High school graduates had long become conscious of this. For the past few years, college students suffered from the average of $24,000 debt, making this a main reason why 75 percent of high school graduates did not pursue any sort of college education. The country’s poorest kids are the ones very much affected with the high value of college affordability, according to a study.

But as the AP poll released these results, more unemployed high school graduates, who still worry on where to get cash for their daily expenses, can now correlate the important connection between employment and higher education rather than opinions of already wealthy tech entrepreneurs and publishers.

While many college students will face unemployment debt, to some, if they have gained a college education, the debts they have collected may be worth it.

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