What Happens If I Forget to Add a Creditor to My Bankruptcy Filing?

In many situations, it may not be too late to add a creditor if you accidentally forgot to add them to your filing.  Whether you are filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy , the process for some can be stressful so it’s understandable this may happen. Upon realizing you left out a creditor it’s important to consult with your bankruptcy attorney. The next step often depends on how far your case has progressed since you filed.

During the bankruptcy process a meeting with the creditors usually takes place.  If you realize before this meeting occurs that you forgot a creditor, contact your attorney as soon as possible. The creditor may still be added to your case but your attorney may need to forward a notice about the meeting to the creditor that was accidentally omitted. Keep in mind, there may be an additional fee charged in the process of adding another creditor.

If the meeting of the creditors has taken place upon realizing you accidentally omitted a creditor, the matter should be presented to your attorney immediately; there is a certain time period or limitation on adding additional creditors. Your attorney can determine if the time limitation has lapsed.

The best way to avoid accidentally leaving out a creditor is to review your credit report before filing your bankruptcy petition. Experian, Equifax and TransUnion are the main three credit report agencies.  Double-check and review your paperwork and personal records of bills prior to the filing process.