What Happens When My Unemployment Benefits Run Out?

Experiencing a job loss can really shake things up when you’re used to doing things in certain ways.  You are forced to make financial changes that you may not be used to.  It is important to remember that unemployment benefits are available for qualifying workers for a temporary time.  Depending on how long you have been unemployed you may be able to apply for an extension to continue receiving funds.

When your benefits run out you should contact the unemployment office to learn if you are eligible for an extension.  In many cases, you will learn of your eligibility when you have exhausted your benefits.  If you qualify to receive additional benefits you may continue to get payments but the amount available may be reduced depending on what tier you are in.  There are 4 tiers in unemployment with each varying in length.  The first tier is usually the longest at around 26 weeks.

When your base period has ran its course you may become eligible to apply.  You may experience a break in receiving payment but once you complete the process and are approved you should see payment start up again. It is understandable to go into the extension process with a degree of uncertainty since each state varies and the process may be different.

At some point you may sense that you’ll be out of work longer than you intended.  You may be out of work longer than the base period during unemployment.  Finding a job or additional means of financial support should continue upon gaining an extension.