Filing Bankruptcy With No Assets

I Want to File Bankruptcy But I Have No Assets!

Many who claim to have no assets file
Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This is sometimes referred to as a Chapter 7 no-asset bankruptcy. In
many cases, the process goes by quickly since the trustee won’t have
any property or assets to satisfy creditors with. Many consumers don’t
realize that a large number of Chapter 7 cases filed are considered no-asset cases.

Even if you have assets, if they are considered exempt, your case may be
reported to the court as a no-asset case. Such cases are designed to help
debtors receive the fresh start they need. Creditors won’t receive
a penny and in most cases, you are eligible to have debts eliminated.

Keep in mind there are exemptions available to help protect personal property
such as your house, vehicle, clothing, jewelry and other valuable possessions.
Each state offers protection at an amount that varies. There are also
exemptions available at the federal level.

The exemptions not only protects your assets but they help you sustain
assets you need to help you transition into your fresh start. It is important
to review exemptions you may qualify for with a Dallas / Fort Worth bankruptcy
lawyer. Assets you are concerned about should be reviewed with a qualified
attorney to learn about potential protection options. You should also
review requirements needed to file your case and to have debts discharged
without delay (such as credit counseling and financial debt management).

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