What Information Should Be Included in the Divorce Papers?Divorce papers include important information that should be drawn carefully.  It is often necessary to retain legal representation since certain provisions may include legal technicalities.  Divorce papers may include information about child support, custody arrangements, property settlement and so on.  The papers help many not only plan for life after divorce but also help to protect their futures.

If you and your spouse had little assets or no children, you have the option to create the documents on your own.  It’s important to take your time in completing these documents since they will be legally binding at the end of the process; meaning they may have long-term effects.

The following information will be needed in completing divorce papers:

  • Marriage license.
  • Birth certificates.
  • Titles to property such as a mortgage deed and vehicles.
  • Financial documents such as tax returns, bank account information, outstanding loans and retirement accounts.

Provisions included in divorce papers may include a wide range of topics depending on your unique situation:

  • Child custody (either joint or sole), visitation schedules, child support calculations or restrictions regarding moving with children.
  • Insurance and medical costs for children and who claims them on tax documents.
  • Division of property issues including titles and deeds being transferred and how bank accounts are divided.
  • Division of debt and who will pay on specific accounts.
  • Any divorce settlement information (lump sum payments).

When divorce papers have been completed, take time to review information carefully before having them signed or presented in court.  Information can be discussed with your attorney before anything becomes final.