What Information Should You Bring to a Bankruptcy  Consultation

Before you come in to visit an Allmand Law attorney for a bankruptcy meeting there is some information you need to bring along to help get an accurate picture of your financial situation. Gathering this information beforehand can make the initial consultation more tailored to your individual situation.

You will be given a packet of forms to fill out to bring with you, below is some of the information needed to complete the forms:

  • Any income taxes you owe
  • How much you owe in child support and alimony payments
  • The current value of your home and any amount that is owed on your mortgage, include any penalties or late fees you may have accrued
  • The current value of your vehicles and any amounts you owe, including late fees
  • A list of your creditors and how much each is owed
  • Your last few pay stubs
  • Your most recent income tax return

If you have any special extenuating circumstances that you know affect your finances, like an upcoming settlement or an inheritance, you’ll want to bring this information to light when you meet with your bankruptcy attorney as well.

It is likely that your bankruptcy attorney will want more information and greater detail for future meetings but this is a great start as it lets them see where you stand financially and allows them discuss which bankruptcy plan ( Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 ) you qualify for that will help you tackle your mountain of debt and help you get a fresh start.