What is the Purpose of a Divorce Mediation?Divorce mediation allows couples who are ending their marriage to resolve issues outside of court.  This option is often seen as an alternative to litigation that lets couples review important issues regarding a settlement.  Couples are able to retain the divorce outcome by reviewing details with a third party; a mediator.  This is a voluntary option but many couples have positive outcomes from utilizing this option.

A mediator helps to pinpoint issues and guide couples by help them review their options.  The mediator’s role is to remain neutral but also help each spouse see both sides clearly in the decision making process.  There are multiple benefits that may be attained in this approach.  Information is confidential with the emphasis put on getting issues resolved.  If both spouses are working toward a mutual agreement, the outcome is likely to have positive long-term effects once divorce is finalized.

Issues that may be resolved in mediation include child support, parenting arrangements and spousal support.  Division of property and debt may also be discussed and resolved.  If you and your spouse are not able to make an agreement during mediation, the issue can be brought forth for a judge to decide.  Either spouse may choose to resolve the issue in court if needed.

Mediation doesn’t necessarily replace legal representation.  A lawyer can discuss with you what to expect, give clarity on legal issues and answer questions regarding proceeding with the option.  If an agreement is created, your legal representative may review it before it becomes final.

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