What To Consider When Choosing A Bankruptcy AttorneyChoosing the right bankruptcy attorney is one of the most important steps in filing for bankruptcy.

Below are a few tips on what every debtor should consider when they hire a bankruptcy attorney:

Choose Local

Make sure that you chose a bankruptcy attorney who not only lives in your state; but is familiar with your state’s bankruptcy laws. Each state has its own set of bankruptcy regulations, ignorance about them can cause you problems in your case.

Choose Experience

Find out if your bankruptcy attorney has experience filing they type of bankruptcy you plan to file.  Have they been filing bankruptcy cases at least a few years? If not, are they working with someone who has more years of experience?  Sometimes when debtors chose a cheaper attorney, they end up with less experienced professionals. There’s always a tradeoff when trying to save money.

Consider Special Circumstances

What’s unusual about your bankruptcy case?  Are you at war with a mortgage servicer about the validity of your loan?  Was your vehicle repossessed and now you want to use bankruptcy to get it back? Whatever special circumstances are present in your situation, make sure you find a bankruptcy attorney who can handle it.  Ask them if they have experience resolving your type of problems.


As simple as it may sound, the ability to get to appointments with your attorney should be considered before hiring them.  Will it take you an hour to get to the bankrupt y attorney’s office? Do they have office hours that allow you to easily access them without taking too much time off work?  All these things should have some type of weight when making your decision.