While bankruptcy can be intimidating, filing may be your first step towards
achieving financial freedom. Once you make the decision to file for Chapter
13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the next big step is to prepare to meet with
a highly skilled bankruptcy lawyer.

Why is Important to Prepare Before Your First Meeting?

To begin, prepping for your meeting can help you save time and money. In
addition, obtaining important information regarding your finances will
allow a bankruptcy lawyer to determine the best solution for you quicker.
When collecting information about your finances, be sure to include:

  • Creditor’s information
  • Loan agreements
  • Contract information
  • Bank statements
  • Receipt to show payments made
  • Foreclosure documents if proceedings are pending

In addition, if you have been sued by a creditor or if you have received
correspondences from creditors, related documents should also be presented
to your lawyer during your initial meeting. Together, this information
will give your attorney a better idea about your financial background,
which can allow the process to begin sooner.

Tips for Your First Meeting

Be honest in answering any questions. Providing false details or withholding
information may lead to your case being dismissed without getting debts

Additionally, your first meeting provides good opportunity to ask any questions
you may have. So, before meeting with your lawyer, be sure to make a list
of questions and concerns to review. It is also wise to ask about eligibility
factors and any potential issues that could hinder your case moving forward.

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