What You Should Know When Filing Bankruptcy Again

Filing Bankruptcy Again?

There are many misconceptions floating around about filing bankruptcy again, that those who need to file another time around may become confused.   Many believe that once you file bankruptcy that you can’t file again but this isn’t true.  While it’s common to accumulate debt after filing the first time, some can’t help experiencing financial challenges that ultimately bring them back down this road again.  Reviewing your situation with a qualified bankruptcy attorney may help in avoiding pitfalls related to filing another petition.

If you previously filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy and were granted a discharge from debts, it should be at least 8 years from the time you filed if you’re looking to file this chapter again.  If the time has yet to pass from your first filing you may be able to file Chapter 13 after 4 years.  If you previously filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy it should be at least 6 years from your discharge if you want to file Chapter 7.  But you only have to wait 2 years if you want to file Chapter 13 again.

Time frames may vary if you filed bankruptcy in the past and your case was dismissed.  In some cases in depends on why the case was dismissed but you may qualify to file again within months.  The good news is most people who have filed in the past can file again as long as qualifications are met.  Questions and concerns should be reviewed with an experienced bankruptcy professional.