When Bad Bankruptcy Lawyers Attack: How to Spot These Warning Signals

How to Spot a Bad Bankruptcy Attorney

Many financial experts agree that filing  bankruptcy is a way to wipe the financial slate clean and start over again – and if you want to file the right way, you’ll need to hire a high-quality bankruptcy lawyer with a superior track record.

But this presumes the fact that you know exactly what to look for in a great lawyer.  Like with most lawyers, there are those that you’ll want to do business with time and time again…

…And others that seem intent on getting as much money from you as possible before leaving you high and dry with plenty of bankruptcy questions, and no answers.

Listen: just because you have bad credit or a financial burden doesn’t mean you have to endure any financial abuse from bad bankruptcy lawyers of ill repute.

In order to protect your finances – not to mention your future financial freedom – here’s how to spot the warning signals of less-than-stellar bad bankruptcy lawyers:

  • Bankruptcy lawyers can often give you the best deals on filing for bankruptcy, as they already understand that you’re financially strained.  However, that doesn’t mean you should sign up with the first bankruptcy lawyer who gives you a great deal on filing.  Instead, carefully research all bankruptcy attorneys to ensure that their rates are typical across the board.  A bankruptcy lawyer who wildly deviates from the norm or who offers a deal that’s too good to be true probably is – and you can bet that they won’t give you the attention that your case deserves.
  • Be wary of those all-important filing fees.  Be sure to ask any potential bankruptcy attorney what your fee is going to cover.  Will your attorney need additional fees for other aspects of your bankruptcy case?  Remember, you shouldn’t be punished for your financial mistakes – so don’t let a bankruptcy attorney keep hitting you with fees.
  • If a bankruptcy lawyer is pushing you to gloss over the contract, don’t do business with them.  Government regulations insist that bankruptcy attorneys outline all parts of a contract – both good and bad.  If an attorney attempts to speed you through the contract, then simply walk away from the bankruptcy office altogether.

Don’t risk your future finances to an attack from a bad bankruptcy lawyer – use these tips to pick the right one for your specific bankruptcy case. You should leave the lawyer’s office feeling relieved not even more burdened.