When It's Time to Declare Personal Bankruptcy in Dallas

Declaring Personal Bankruptcy in Dallas, Texas

Admit it: your finances have you feeling like you are in over your head. Every time you check your mail, yet another demanding letter from a debt collector greets you. You can’t remember the last time you were able to hear your phone ring without fearing that it’s from a credit card company. And forget checking your bank account balance – as soon as the money lands in your account, it disappears to an infinite number of minimum payments, bills, and other money-sucking debts like payday loan advances.

Deciding when it’s time to declare personal bankruptcy in Dallas is never an easy choice. The decision takes time, plenty of patience, and a great deal of research into your alternative options. However, if filing for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is your best bet for starting over again, here’s what you need to know about when it’s time to declare personal bankruptcy in Dallas:

Will It Take You Decades to Pay Off Your Debt?

Many people avoid filing for bankruptcy in Dallas due to the mistaken belief that doing so will permanently affect their credit score. However, nothing could be further from the truth – especially, if it’s going to take you decades to reduce the level of debt you carry. Bankruptcy can remain on your credit score for seven to ten years; however, that doesn’t mean you won’t have access to lenders and credit for that amount of time. A mountain of debt could potentially take decades to pay off. If you don’t want to have bad finances for the rest of your life, filing for bankruptcy in Dallas now may be the smart choice to make.

Are You In Contact with a Great Dallas Bankruptcy Attorney?

Believe it or not, knowing the right time to declare personal bankruptcy involves connecting with a top-notch Dallas bankruptcy attorney . A highly qualified bankruptcy lawyer will help you understand your options better. This way, you will be able to move forward with your bankruptcy decision with confidence and ease.

To find a great Dallas bankruptcy attorney, don’t be afraid to ask family members or friends for recommendations. Additionally, don’t hesitate to interview potential attorneys before settling on a specific lawyer. This way, you will find the right attorney for your filing needs.

If it’s time for you to declare personal bankruptcy in Dallas, contact a great bankruptcy attorney today.