When You Should Consider Contacting a Bankruptcy Attorney

Many believe they have to be broke or completely financially unstable in order to contact a bankruptcy attorney. Even if you feel you are in good place with your finances, it may prove helpful to get information about bankruptcy that could be useful later on.  On the other hand, certain situations could be reviewed with a legal expert to give you a clear idea on what options are available.  Plus, discussing legal options ahead of time allows you to create a detailed plan to follow; increasing chances of utilizing more exemptions that can help you retain assets.

The following situations could be a good time to get in touch with a bankruptcy attorney:

  • You receive repeated contact attempts from collection agencies including phone calls and notices by mail.
  • A lawsuit is pending against you; meaning you’ve been served a summons or a creditor has filed a complaint against you.
  • You’re using credit cards to take care of daily expenses.
  • You’re barely making minimum payments on credit cards and other outstanding accounts.
  • You’re faillng behind on mortgage payments.
  • Garnishment of your wages or your bank account is in progress.

Keep in mind, when you contact a bankruptcy attorney you don’t have to file bankruptcy right away.  This is an opportunity to discuss your situation and learn if bankruptcy is best for you.  Bankruptcy can stop legal action against you and even help you retain personal property including your home and vehicle.  You have the final say in whether or not you want to file, but it helps to assess your options to help you make an informed decision.