Many people may not realize that planning ahead for
bankruptcy may help you save money, aside from protecting your assets. Planning ahead
includes taking a number of important steps to ensure you complete the
process faithfully to the best of your knowledge. Taking time to get advice
from informed professionals can help you obtain a favorable outcome for
your case.

Being prepared to file is one thing, but understanding how it can help
you save prior to beginning the process may help you legally take advantage
of federal and state exemptions you may qualify for. Keep in mind, even
if filing for protection is something you may not see happening soon,
planning for the future can make a positive difference should you need
legal protection from creditors. There are several areas to consider in
a personal bankruptcy that may help you save if you take the time to research
your options and make informed decisions.

  • Understanding available exemptions on state and federal levels- There are a number of exemptions available that can help protect assets
    such as your home, vehicle, jewelry, and other valuable assets. One of
    the reasons why many are tempted to hide assets is due to lack of knowledge
    in how they can legally protect their possessions.
  • Know what to look for in a qualified bankruptcy attorney- Taking time to compare your options may help you find the right lawyer
    to represent you. Find someone who understands your situation and is willing
    to review all options with you to help you understand whether bankruptcy
    is an option.
  • Know which debts can be discharged (eliminated) or reduced in bankruptcy- Be honest in reporting all outstanding debt and keep accurate records
    of creditors you owe.